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About us

Our unique perspective and mission statement

FEELquotes is a new initiative in quotes websites. While really many already exist, their outlook at quotes is dated and their embrace of the mobile world remains limited. Our small team of dedicated quoters aims to change that. The use of mobile phones has surpassed the traditional Personal Computer, and old websites are not scaled well on this end. We thus want to deliver where others fail: a truly mobile experience. Furthermore, the successes of ‘memes’ and social media show our innate desire to enjoy diverse imagery. Here too, we want to deliver where others fail: to bridge this gap between reading and enjoying aesthetically beautiful and inspiring images and videos.

Meet our team

Bobby - the organised one
Bobby – the organised one. Bobby organises all aspects of our work; he spends most of his time making sure Freddy and Khaf remain motivated; and he nevertheless is too lenient on them and we are way overdue with too many aspects of our work (also, he wrote this, so take his ‘organised one’ with a grain of salt).
Khaf - the technical wizard

Khaf – the technical wizard. Khaf did some magic with the database that we, the writers, don’t really understand. We just nod and smile and tell him he did well. And when it doesn’t work, we also know whom to blame and after blaming whom to beg to fix it all again.
Khaf - the technical wizard
Freddy – the lazy one. Ferey is the most well-read one among us and the one to find the obscure quotes. Nevertheless, he is the lazy one. He is the one to work on the content of the database most however, and for that we will be always in his debt, unfortunately.

Our quotes

While we are new, we already have a good database of quotes that is quickly expanding. All our quotes are also selected by actual people, and not simply scraped with ’spiders’ and ‘scripts’. We know what we like, and we want to share our quotes with you. Our view is that each quote represents its author: it tells us about view on life, a glimpse into their profession, their political beliefs, or their interest in culture. What is sure is that the way these authors have written and spoke will remain an inspiration to the generations to come.

Some uses of FEELquotes

At the essence of our endeavour remains the tradition of ‘quoting’ – we quote famous people because we aim to show our likeness to them, or aspire to become like them, at least to some degree. Our large database has a great quote for any occasion: 
- a few lines for someone’s birthday,
- a declaration of love in a romantic note or letter,
- a motto to accompany your work or study project,
Our quotes have been used by teachers and students, by writers and authors, by journalists and researchers, and by professionals of any kind. In short, FEELquotes is for whenever we want to share our feelings, for any occasion. And certainly, the quotes are also here to enjoy yourself while immersed in imagery and quotes.

100% Free

The use of our website is 100% free. There is no limit of any kind imposed on your experience on this website. While that is the case, we do have terms and conditions of service that we demand of our users (please see these here (link to terms)). Our website is fully funded through advertising and Amazon Affiliate Programme. We don’t use your data in any way or sell your data to any party. Nevertheless, we do monitor access to our website to ensure good conduct and improvement of our services. Please make sure to read our privacy policy (link to privacy policy).

100% Real

Our database of quotes is not only free, but also real. We do not quote satirical magazines, books, or movies. While these too are very enjoyable and can be just as educational, we only quote real people so that your work, whatever that is, can remain real too.

Quotes and Imagery

Quotes on themselves are great. Quotes and calligraphy are even better. Quotes, calligraphy and imagery is a unique experience that you will find only on FEELquotes. Our images are not only beautiful and inspiring, they are also made by aspiring artists and photographers. In fact, we carefully select images that would fit with the quotes. We like to reward the artists and share a portion of our revenue with them. All donations are therefore equally distributed between us and them.


While we aim for a perfect website, we too make mistakes. If you have found an error, let us know and we aim to correct that error as soon as we can.